The SBS’s Faculty is composed by Sportsmanagers and University Lecturers: every year the Scientific Committee updates the list of the Professors that will lecture at the Master SBS.

A pool of professionals working in Sport manages the Study Units, updating every year the topics and perfecting the lectures, according to what the Market of job really needs.


- Dr. Paolo Bedin, GM Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B of soccer, manages the “Sports Marketing” classes;

- Prof. Leonardo Buzzavo, Venice University, manages the “Management & business administration of sport industry” classes;

- Prof. Antonio Marchesi, Sports Consultant, manages the “Management & Business Administration in the Sport System” classes;

- Dr. Giovanni Palazzi, CEO and President of StageUp, manages the “Management of sports facilities” classes;

- Prof. Tiziano Vescovi, Venice University, manages the “Strategic analysis and corporate marketing”classes;

- Dr. Andrea Vidotti, FIFA Agent and CEO of Ideeuropee, manages “Media Relations, Communication & New Media “

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Master in Strategie per il Business dello Sport
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